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Roop Ultrasonixs Ltd - Mumbai, India

Company Profile


Roop Ultrasonix Ltd, a 40-year-old ultrasonic manufacturing company with in-house R&D and development experience in ultrasonic welding, cleaning, sieving, and processing, has partnered with ALS UK, a 30-year-old experienced ultrasonic distributor in the UK. The partnership will allow Roop Ultrasonix to expand its reach in the UK market and provide its customers with a wider range of ultrasonic products and services. ALS UK will also benefit from Roop Ultrasonix's expertise in ultrasonic technology, which will allow it to offer its customers more advanced solutions.


The partnership is a sign of the growing demand for ultrasonic technology in the UK. Ultrasonic technology is used in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and food processing. The partnership between Roop Ultrasonix and ALS UK is expected to help meet the growing demand for ultrasonic products and services in the UK market.



For product details contact ALS Ultrasonics direct.

Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welder

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