Plastic & Metal Welding Tooling

High Grade Aluminium; is an excellent acoustic material from which to manufacture a sonotrode. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to machine. Can be anodised or hard anodised to reduce wear when welding lightly filled materials, anodising also help prevent marking on white materials. Not Recommended for; ultrasonic spot welding or riveting, (very low volume of trials only) High gain applications and materials with medium to high levels of filler.

High Grade Titanium; is an very good acoustic material from which to manufacture a sonotrode. With tungsten carbide coating of the welding face it show good life even with high levels of fillers.

Tool Steel; suitable sonotrode after hardening is ideal for thread inserting. With high internal resistance its is only suitable for low to medium amplitude application.

CPM Steel; suitable for the manufacture of high amplitude sonotrodes. Can be precision harden up to 64 Rc to give excellent wear resistance went high levels of fillers are present in materials, Metal Welding.

Frequency of Tooling Manufactured: 20KHz, 30KHz, 35KHz, 36KHz & 40KHz

For most manufactures equipment, i.e. Branson, KLN, Rinco, Kerrys, Hurfurth, Duckane, Telsonic, Mecasonic, Hermann, Weber.....................etc.

Holding fixture; and it geometry is used to position and support the mouldings being processed.

Fixture Materials; steel, aluminium and cast resins Sensitive Mouldings can be further protected by lining the fixture with materials such as cork, rubber PTFE

Slides & Rotary Table systems